Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude Project

 Sunday evenings and Monday mornings just might be the hardest. keeping with this post, I'm starting a new project:

today I am thankful for...
1)  birds that sing
2)  my friend Charlie who looks like Gregory Peck and teaches me about mockingbirds
3)  my husband's hugs
4)  friends to talk with
5)  a soft bed to sleep (or in the case of last night, lay awake) in

And because it's a special extra one!
6)  My Dad!


lafalda said...

this picture never shows up when i open your blog : ( i wanna see! i wanna see! and in other news, the word verification below says ''fro dave'' hehehe

Erin said...

I don't understand--I have had to republish this post about 4 times just to get the picture to stay. Well, if it's any comfort, you've seen it lots of times before and I'll try to find another link!

lafalda said...

It worked! I have seen it a lot before, but it's really sweet to look at it again, and closely. Aaand the word verification now says ''traiti,'' am I the only one amused by these?