Friday, April 29, 2011

Play It Loud Friday

The post in which I confess to you what I listened to on my Friday evening commute and conjure up a funny story from the week that was.

Today I got to leave work early, so I wasn't feeling as much of a need to blast some Friday freedom music on my drive home...And besides, Mac switched me cars and his a/c is still broken so riding home on the expressway with the windows rolled down was a little bit music-prohibitive.  So instead...I present to you last night's Play It Loud, wherein we stayed up past our bedtime (okay my bedtime) to hear a friend's song being played on a show we'd never seen.  It was way worth it.  Here's the song... 

I've included another song below because this guy's really good and the video has some footage of Austin which will no doubt look a little familiar (in the opening shots anyway) if you've ever come to visit me!  South Congress feels like home...the part of home that makes me feel a little anxious, but home nonetheless.  Anyway, on with the music!

Impressed?  Then get yourself some free songs!  And one more thing, this made me laugh.

You are going to need that laugh up there, because the only 'funny' story I can think of from this week was getting up the nerve to go to a consignment clothing store, only to have almost all my clothing rejected as not the 'teen style' they were looking for.  I...guess...that's...a compliment? 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, Texass

When my mom was helping Mac and me pack all our belongings to move to Austin, she couldn't resist labeling some of the boxes as Texass bound.  She didn't want us to leave Montana.

With my pollen-swollen head and a flea infested work place, I have been feeling rather deep in the heart of Texass lately.  Once upon a time, I used to console my homesick self with the fact that at least we don't have forest fires here...but apparently, sadly, we do.

Well, it's still a great place to be (we have great friends who make it so!), and I know I have a ton to be thankful for, so here's a start...

Today I am thankful for...
1.  the most rested state I have felt in a while (due to...)
2.  a day off (kind of) to clean my house...even if the price to pay was a couple hundred flea bites.
3.  the fact that no one was injured in last week's fire.
4.  a whole day to spend with sweet Miss Maya Juniper--she was so lovey today.

5.  a crock pot meal (if you try this recipe, you can ask me for the tweaks)

Yesterday didn't feel much like Easter in a lot of ways, but I am thankful that even when you take traditions and family gatherings and whatever all else away (cough Robin's Eggs cough), it still means all of life to me.  He is risen indeed.  

For fun, here's a little Easter video where Mac's backside (oh, and our church too) made the news.  Can you find him? 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratitude Project

This morning was rough.  As in tuff.  I was so exhausted that I fell asleep drinking my coffee and spilled it down my arm and couch.  I felt like crying thinking of spending another 40 hours on my heinie doing things I largely don't understand that don't really stir my heart.  A good day for some gratitude, don't you think? 

Today I am thankful for...
1.  A boss I truly like and his wife who definitely ups my laughter quotient every time I get to hang out with her.
2.  The cookie that somebody dropped off at work that I didn't mean to eat.  Oh well.
3.  Coffee, oh coffee.  Even when you spill on my arm and couch.
4.  Quiet time and the One who waits to meet me there.
5.  The big risks my sweet husband and I took to get to each other and...
The decision we made 2 years ago today to love each other for the rest of our lives.  It's our anniversary!  I'm not good at decisions but I made a good one that day.

Sadly, our wedding photos didn't transfer to my new computer, so you'll have to suffer through this mushy one from the day we were engaged.  Kissing photos (of people you know) are always so awkward, right?

Because I think my husband deserves 5 all his own...

Today I am extra thankful for...
1.  The way we can be sitting silently in front of the tv and suddenly burst out laughing at the same dumb thing (i.e. "Hi, my name's Henry Winkler.")
2.  My husband who still holds my hand and wraps his arm around me when we walk.
3.  What turned out to be a grreat anniversary day--with a dog walk, my favorite!
4.  My husband's singing:  in earnest, in jest, in shower, no matter
5.  I will save this one for a post later this week!

Same day, slightly less sappy/mushy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Play It Loud Friday

The post in which I confess to you what I listened to on my Friday evening commute and conjure up a funny story from the week that was.

Today I had my blood drawn by a man that nicknamed me dimples.  He also asked me what kind of steroids I was on because he had seen body builders with smaller veins than mine.  He cautioned me never to fall and cut myself on that 'water hose' because I would bleed for weeks.  All of this he said while I clenched tightly to a nerf ball.  Not that you need it...but it's procedure.  Before I could even feel a needle, he had collected my blood and stopped up my wound with a cotton ball and a strip of masking tape.  You can let go now, he said to my hand, still clutching the ball.  Something tells me somebody doesn't like needlesSee you later, dimples.

I love people who are good at what they do.  I think this might be a recurring theme here.  Don't worry, New Order will not be.  I don't even know what that song is about, but from now on whenever I hear it (which isn't often), I'm just going to think of a woman in a litter box. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude Project

 Sunday evenings and Monday mornings just might be the hardest. keeping with this post, I'm starting a new project:

today I am thankful for...
1)  birds that sing
2)  my friend Charlie who looks like Gregory Peck and teaches me about mockingbirds
3)  my husband's hugs
4)  friends to talk with
5)  a soft bed to sleep (or in the case of last night, lay awake) in

And because it's a special extra one!
6)  My Dad!